Lola Consuelos ‘Simply Wants to Get the Ball Rolling’ on Music Career — and Kelly and Mark Approve!

Lola Consuelos Simply Wants to Get the Ball Rolling on Music Career

Lola Consuelos, the girl of Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos, is celebrating fresh starts!

Lola’s presentation single named “Neurosis Silverlining” is at long last here, and the musician is opening up to PEOPLE about launching her music career.

“I’ve been creating music since I was 14 years of age and never truly had anything that I believed was sufficiently genuine to expound on or something that impacted me,” Lola, 21, told PEOPLE on Wednesday. “So I concocted the thought around ‘Neurosis Silverlining,’ which is the idea that perhaps your greatest feelings of trepidation don’t exist and that everybody, similar to it or not, [are] going to be jumpy.”

She proceeds, “It was only a decent subject for what was happening in my life right now, and I truly loved the energy and the sound of everything. I believed, ‘On the off chance that I don’t do this now, I couldn’t say whether I at any point will,’ since I can re-think myself a ton.”

Lola likewise tracks down that she’s improved as an essayist with time and experience, which pre-arranged her for this exact second.

“I’m in my life where I need to start things off. I just turned 21. I have a ton of material to expound on,” she says. “As I’ve progressed in years, I have much more educational involvement in connections and kinships. It was a decent prologue to the kind of music I like to make and what I like to talk about.”

The artist says that her folks — who exhibited help in front of the delivery — quickly paid attention to the track when it was done.

“They cherished it,” she says of the track highlighting Jo. “My folks are the last individuals to gloss over anything regarding my singing. They will let me know if it sounds awful! So when I saw they had a decent response and enjoyed it, I felt consoled.”

She additionally says that their public help for her via web-based entertainment is something she “loves.”

“My folks, strangely, even though they’re in the business, the one thing they have no clue about is music,” she says. “They truly don’t have a clue once with regards to music. So it’s exceptionally sweet to see them do their posts to a great extent and their little recordings. They made a music video yesterday in the pool!”

That video she’s referring to is one Ripa shared on her virtual entertainment Tuesday, prodding the tune’s delivery. In the video, the couple, both 51, are tanning in a tropical area. In the meantime, a bit of the tune is playing behind the scenes.

“Nonchalantly sitting tight for the appearance of @theyoungestyung first single PARANOIA SILVER LINING, drops tomorrow across all stages! #newmusic #tiktok: Lolagcon,” Ripa subtitled the video on Instagram.

To praise the delivery, Lola says she’s partaking in her experience with her loved ones’ holiday. “Consistently has been a festival, particularly paving the way to it. It’s all we were discussing the previous week. My unfortunate loved ones around me have not heard some other words other than ‘suspicion’ and ‘silver lining,’ ” she jokes.

She adds, “Now that it’s out, it feels strange. However, festivity-wise, [I’ll] have a beverage or two and potentially pay attention to the tune for the thousandth time.”

The most compelling thing Lola’s celebrating is that “this is only the start.”

“This was a forward leap for me. I feel much more sure about myself as an artisan. I was a great deal more energized now that I at long last put something out to show every other person,” she says.

“Suspicion Silverlining,” which was co-composed by Rush Davis, delivered by Tim K, blended by Tyler Scott with dominated by Dale Becker, is out at this point.

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