The reward of the 2022 Tour de France

The reward of the 2022 Tour de France

While the jerseys of Tour de France, like the well-known yellow, generally speaking, leader’s shirt, might be the most apparent of the prizes on offer during the Grand Tour, there’s a bounty more available to anyone in July.

Riders will go through the three weeks fighting it out for the yellow, green, spotted, and white jerseys and a few minor competitions. But at the same time, over €2 million is available for anyone throughout the race, spread across the various competitions.

The prize pot aggregates €2,282,000 at the current year’s race, to be given out among the pullover competitions, stage champs, group characterization, and the most forceful riders.

By a long shot, the greatest part of this pot – close to half – goes to the GC race for the yellow shirt. All riders completing in Paris will bring somewhere around €1,000; however, the general champ will get €500,000.

Add to that the €200,000 also €100,000 for the leftover platform places, and afterwards the strongly descending honours on offer further down the positioning (just the main seven finishers prevail upon €10,000) and the all-out prize money on offer for the GC fight adds up to €1,128,000.

Everyday prizes for the stage victors, other participants, and all the placings down to twentieth (fifteenth down take €500 each) complete €601,650 through the race. Each stage champ is awarded €11,000, while the second and third spots every day get €5,500 and €2,800.

As opposed to the next significant jerseys, it’s the group prize which is the following most extravagant rivalry in the Tour, with a sum of €178,800 available to all, including €50,000, €30,000, also €20,000 for the main three.

The main five groups bring back the money, while the best group on every particular stage brings €2,800 – another €58,800 in the reward pot.

The race for the green focuses shirt sees prizes of €1,500, €1,000 and €500 for the initial three over each transitional run of the race. The leader every day brings back home €300, while the main eight in Paris share out €65,000, with the best three in the opposition winning €25,000, €15,000, and €10,000.

The mountain order likewise gives out similar financial prizes in Paris; however, there’s less money on the line en route. A sum of €36,550 is spread across the race trips, with the first over HC-evaluated climbs taking €800 and the money decreasing to €200 for the leader over a fourth-classification slope. The principal man over the most noteworthy move of the race (the Col du Galibier in front of an audience of 11) will win the Souvenir Henri Desgrange and take €5,000.

Like the green shirt holder, the everyday spotted pullover holder gets €300. The complete prize pot for green is somewhat bigger, however, at €128,000, contrasted with the spotted shirt’s €107,250.

The white youthful rider’s shirt is next. The best U-25 rider on each stage gets €500 and the leader every day takes €300. In Paris, €20,000 goes to the victor, with second, third, and fourth in the opposition likewise awarded for a fantastic complete of €66,500 in the fight for white.

To wrap things up, there’s the combativity prize. On every street stage, the rider decided to be the most confrontational will procure €2,000, with the super-combat if grant victor in Paris winning €20,000 for a sum of €56,000 in the prize pot.

That all amounts to the title figure of €2,282,000, then. Yet again, it’s important to coordinate and spread the money around, and afterwards, it occurs after it’s awarded.

Riders customarily pool all their prize money, with one rider in each designated as the group bookkeeper. A portion of prize money is likewise given to the diligent group staff.

Groups and patrons likewise grant extraordinary execution rewards; however, the sums are seldom made public. Progress in the Tour de France is rewarded by far superior agreements for the accompanying seasons, with a Tour de France champ frequently set to procure somewhere in the range of three and 5,000,000 for every season – among the most extravagant agreements in the game.

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