Sofia Coppola’s girl Romy was grounded for attempting to contract a helicopter

Sofia Coppola's girl Romy was grounded

The oldest little girl of acclaimed movie producer Sofia Coppola, 16-year-old Romy, just uncovered in an unrelatable yet clever TikTok that she was grounded for endeavouring to lease a chopper utilizing her performer father Thomas Mars’ credit card.

“Make a vodka-sauce pasta with me since I’m grounded because I attempted to sanction a helicopter from New York to Maryland on my father’s credit card since I needed to eat with a camp companion,” Romy started the video, which just got more entertaining.

The high schooler proceeded to uncover that she didn’t “know the contrast between a garlic and an onion,” so she “needed to research pictures of onions on [her] telephone.”

She professed to be “embarrassed” by the admission.

“Additionally, I figured I would do this since I’m now grounded since my folks’ greatest rule is, similar to, I’m not permitted to have any open virtual entertainment accounts,” she said, joining the stage.

Holding up the Phoenix frontman’s Grammy — which Mars and his French non-mainstream pop band won in 2010 — she made sense of, “Here’s the reason.”

Romy added that her folks “don’t need [her] to be a nepotism kid” before demanding that “TikTok won’t make [her] popular, so it doesn’t exactly make any difference.”

She then held up what had all the earmarks of being a shallot and inquired, “Is this an onion? Since I feel like this doesn’t seem to be an onion. This seems to be the internal functions of a ….”

Albeit the camera removed before she could complete her idea, the video’s inscription finished her sentence with “balls-k.”

In the following scene, Romy acquainted her devotees with her sitter’s beau, who was petting a Brilliant Retriever.

“My folks are never home, so these are my substitution guardians,” she said, adding that she “practically torched the house” with her cooking.

Romy then asked the anonymous sweetheart his thought process about “the helicopter disaster,” inciting the man to rename it a “fiascA — because it’s similar to a female disaster.”

This sounded good to the youngster, who called attention to the fact that “it’s Ladies’ Set of experiences Month.”

Romy has since erased the video (however, it’s getting out and about on Twitter and Instagram) and has made her TikTok account private.

Reps for Oscar-winning Coppola, 51, and Mars, 46, had no remark when reached by Page Six.

The pair are additionally guardians to 12-year-old little girl Cosima.

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