Did China’s telescope get signals from aliens?

Did China's telescope get signals from aliens

In a cutting-edge space race, nations all over the planet are pushing to be quick to demonstrate there is life past Earth.

Has China won? In a report distributed Wednesday, China says it has gotten on “dubious signals” they accept could be from an extraterrestrial development.

Researchers are utilizing their China Sky Eye, the world’s biggest and most delicate radio telescope. They say the innovation is significant in looking for extraterrestrial civic establishments with a bigger perception region than some other such telescope, alongside 19 bars that get signals from various sky regions.

NASA sending off concentrate on after reports of UFOs

Space writer Leonard David joined NewsNation’s Rush Hour to talk about the report, which he expresses has since been pulled off the Chinese media site that initially distributed it.

“This is somewhat of a competition to find another human progress or development past Earth. It’s a space race by its own doing,” David said.

David tells specialists he has addressed credit the signals to radio recurrence obstruction.

In any case, David says, “I do think we are on the edge of something critical.”

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