Shazam! Review of Fury of the Gods

Shazam Review of Fury of the Gods

This sequel’s cast cannot save it in 2019, as the first Shazam! Film crept up and enchanted the jeans off us.

In contrast to the Batmans, Supermans, and even more Spider-Mans, this was a superhero most of us had never heard of, played by an actor most of us had never heard of—Zachery Levi—who also played a superhero most of us had never heard of.

The story of foster child Billy (Asher Angel), who is given mythical powers by an old wizard (Djimon Hounsou), continues in this sequel.

Every time Billy says, “Shazam!” In this sequel, he transforms into an adult superhero (Levi), as do his misfit foster-home buddies. However, as this franchise demonstrates, children reach that awkward stage as they mature.

The casting of Lucy Liu and Helen Mirren as supervillains looks promising, but something needs to be clarified. This becomes clear well before the conclusion when Liu looks confused while sitting on a twig dragon, as the movie costs a lot to fall apart around her.

A shame. Shazam! Appeared to be the DC Extended Universe’s saving grace because it was entertaining and unassuming. But sadly, that magic has vanished.

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