Joker Sequel: First Glance at Lady Gaga in Character Revealed

Joker Sequel First Glance at Lady Gaga in Character Revealed

Out of appreciation for Valentine’s Day, Joker chief Todd Phillips has revealed the main glance at Lady Gaga in character in the sequel, named Joker: Folie à Deux.

She’s accepted to play Harley Quinn in Folie à Deux. While Joker mistreated the DC antagonist’s source material (no doubt), if Gaga is playing Harley Quinn and assuming the sequel is drawing from her current history, this could show their most memorable gathering while she’s a specialist going by the name Dr Harleen Quinzel.

Gaga authoritatively reported her contribution to the sequel last August, uncovering its title and delivery date – Oct. 4, 2024 – on her web-based entertainment channels. While not affirming who she’s playing, the mystery video delivered close by the declaration, showing her and Phoenix moving around in a dark and red outline (with a heart on Gaga’s cheek, no less), surely expanded the hypothesis that she’ll play Harley.

Phillips has co-composed the content for the sequel and will get back to coordinate, with Phoenix repeating his job as Arthur Bit, also known as Joker. In somewhat of a curve, it’s likewise been accounted for that Joker: Folie à Deux will be melodic – a remarkable change from the main film’s dirty take.

The bother comes soon after James Gunn, and Peter Safran reported last month their underlying arrangement for a redid DCU, named Chapter One: Gods and Monsters. Phillips’ interpretation of the Joker, notwithstanding, exists beyond the fundamental universe that their arrangement is handling, as well as Matt Reeves’ Batman trilogy.

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