Love Island star Tom Clare sends ex-Zara Lackenby-Brown home after picking Ellie Spence in the ruthless recoupling

Love Island star Tom Clare sends ex-Zara Lackenby-Brown home

Love Island lost its cheeky stunner Zara Lackenby-Brown this evening as she was disposed of in the recoupling.

The model and artist, 25, was the last young lady remaining after the young men picked who they needed to recouple within Wednesday’s episode.

Clumsily, it was Zara’s ex Tom Clare who had the last say as he was last to pick whether he needed to recouple with her or Ellie Spence, with whom he’d had a subtle kiss prior in the week.

Furthermore, after their searing line in the previous evening’s episode, it’s nothing unexpected that Tom decided to recouple with Ellie, unfortunately sending Zara home from the South African villa.

In short discourse, Tom, 23, made sense of his choice: ‘This is definitely not a simple choice for myself, and I never need to see individuals return home.

‘This young lady, I believe it’s certified, and she’s here to meet somebody; she merits a fair shot, whether with another person or me.’

Zara acknowledged she was possibly returning home before Tom named Ellie as his pick.

Albeit somewhat sorrowful, Zara endured it and consoled the young ladies she was fine and anticipating embracing her beloved father at home.

She kidded in her cheeky nature: ‘I will get somebody rich and more established.’

In the wake of leaving the villa, Zara focused on her underlying association with Tom and said: ‘I figured there could be potential with Tom. He’d let me know he’d been in a drawn-out relationship, so I realized he was equipped for being committed.

‘The age distinction was a boundary for me – young ladies mature quicker than folks.’

The two chose to part after Zara acknowledged that Tom was less intrigued and started playing with different ladies, specifically Olivia Hawkins.

Pondering their choice to end their sentiment, Zara said: ‘I truly think me and Tom tapping out was the best thing we might have done because we weren’t ever in total agreement.

‘Like fire, we consumed fast, and it was simply more actual fascination. The reality we weren’t each other’s sorts charmed us to attempt to find success with it; in any case, it didn’t end up working.’

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