Amanda Seyfried alludes to Mamma Mia 3

Amanda Seyfried alludes to Mamma Mia 3

Entertainer Amanda Seyfried, prevalently known for playing Sophie in 2008’s hit melodic film Mamma Mia! has recently gotten serious about her nonappearance at the Golden Globes award ceremony. She alluded to the chance of the third portion of Mamma Mia, as indicated by Collider.

Diversion This evening entry, Seyfried said she was chipping away at an anonymous melodic and explained that it isn’t connected with Mamma Mia. She further noticed that the venture she is working on is a phase play in light of Thelma and Louise, including Evan Rachel Wood.

Afterwards, talking about the chance of Mamma Mia 3, Seyfried said, “I have no power, yet we are sitting tight for the call. Do you have at least some idea of what I mean? There are enough ABBA melodies, and Judy Craymer is 100 per cent ready. I don’t know what the Widespread public is doing.”

In the meantime, Seyfried likewise uncovered that she would be intrigued to make an appearance in the Mean Young ladies Broadway melodic anyway she isn’t certain about it.

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