In her new appeal, Amber Heard claims that Johnny Depp won the defamation case because of several errors

Amber Heard claims that Johnny Depp won the defamation case

According to a Los Angeles Times report, Amber heard that Johnny Depp, her ex-husband, has filed a new defamation trial and that numerous errors were made at the trial.
The blunders recorded included permitting the case to be attempted in Virginia, and the court banished correspondences between Ms Heard and certain specialists to be conceded as proof.

A jury awarded Mr Depp $15 million in damages in his defamation case against Ms Heard earlier this year. The actress from “Aquaman” was also given $2 million by the jury for one part of her counterclaim.

Her allure was documented with the Court of Allures of Virginia on November 23.

According to the LA Times report, the appeal asserts that Virginia was a “completely inconvenient forum” for the case and that California was the only appropriate venue for the trial. The appeal also asserts that “both parties and most of the fact witnesses… located in California, with none of them located in Virginia.”

The appeal says that there were mistakes with the evidence. “Exclusion of the November 2020 decision in the U.K. defamation case that Depp brought unsuccessfully against the Sun, which had labelled him a “wife beater,” according to the report. “Third-party communications that allegedly went to both parties’ states of mind, including Heard’s communications with medical personnel, were excluded,” the appeal claims. “Irrelevant and prejudicial evidence was allowed.”

Additionally, the appellant contends that the jury was misled regarding the significance of “actual malice” and that Depp’s team failed to demonstrate “actual malice” in the case.

According to the website, Depp’s legal team appealed the court’s decision to award Heard $2 million.

A three-judge panel of the court of appeals will decide the case.

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