Google Doodle praises jollof rice, an iconic West African dish

Google Doodle praises jollof rice an iconic West African dish

Today, the landing page logo is devoted to jollof rice, one of the most iconic food sources of West Africa.

Jollof rice is a one-pot supper made with meat, chicken, or fish that follows its underlying foundations to a more established fish-based dish known as thieboudienne. The cooking takes its name from its starting points in the Wolof Domain — “Jollof” is a substitute spelling of “Wolof” — which enveloped pieces of what is currently The Gambia, Mauritania, and Senegal. From that point, the dish spread throughout West Africa, turning into a typical decision for holidays, festivities, and parties, everything being equal.

However, the notoriety of jollof rice didn’t stop there. A few specialists trust that jambalaya — a staple of Louisiana cooking and one of my undisputed top choice dishes — took a lot of motivation from the previous West African dish. As of late, fanatics of the feast have taken to observing “World Jollof Day” on August 22 of every year.

To celebrate jollof rice in evident Google design, the organization enrolled the assistance of Haneefah Adam to make a stop-movement liveliness showing the straightforward planning that goes into making the dish. Senegalese jazz craftsman Hervé Samb made the going music. In the video Doodle, get to look at the basic elements of the dish — tomatoes, peppers, onions, flavours, and that’s just the beginning — get added to the focal pot and step-by-step change into a scrumptious-looking dinner.

Jollof rice recipes

Assuming today’s Google Doodle has your mouth watering, making jollof rice at home is entirely simple. Furthermore, since every district’s variety will taste not quite the same as each other, you might need to try more than one recipe to see which one you like more. The following are a couple of recipes we tracked down around the web. Assuming you attempt one, make certain to tell us in the remarks how it ended up!

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