The most popular songs on the planet (as indicated by YouTube)

The most popular songs on the planet

YouTube video play counts are one of the clearest signs of a tune’s popularity, and when a video has arrived at one billion hits, you know it’s perhaps the most popular melody on the planet of all time.

Toward the beginning of 2015, just two recordings could gloat, having more than a billion views. Before the year was over, ten more had passed the boundary. Streak forward a couple of additional years, and a few pop songs 2021 offered were quick hits that advanced rapidly to a billion and past moreover.

Starting around 2022, many recordings are a piece of the one billion view club, with a pack barely shy of the imprint. For instance, you’d figure the been all over the planet tune by Puff Daddy would be on this rundown, yet that is sitting at a measly 5.5 million views!

At the pinnacle of this popularity, the pyramid sits a couple of behemoths which have breezed far beyond the billion points, with many, in any event, significantly increasing it. These aren’t underestimated songs – they’re nostalgic songs, and they’re very much normal songs. Might you at any point think about what they are?

Presumably, however, here are the 12 most popular songs on the planet, as per YouTube. And keeping in mind that they may not be the best songs ever, they surely focus light on what makes our day nowadays.

Luis Fonsi – Despacito ft. Daddy Yankee – 7.8 billion views

The enormous kid. Regardless of a version with Justin Bieber later showing up, the original version of Despacito by Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee remaining parts the most noteworthy saw music video on Youtube ever.

Ed Sheeran – Shape of You – 5.7 billion views

A craftsman who shows up two times in this rundown, Ed Sheeran has cleared the world since emerging with his presentation EP in 2011. His greatest hit remains Shape of You, released in 2017. The incredible music video that goes with it is one of the most sweltering youtube recordings of 2017 by a long shot.

Until now, it’s scored more than five billion views.

Wiz Khalifa: See You Again ft. Charlie Puth – 5.5 billion views

Rapper and weed dissident Wiz Khalifa is one of the most listened-to specialists on the planet – it’s nothing unexpected that he shows up in this rundown with the graph busting See You Again.

Mark Ronson: Uptown Funk ft. Bruno Mars – 4.6 billion views

Uptown Funk sits pretty, making a stride down to – heave – just 4.6 billion views. The lead single from Mark Ronson’s fourth collection Uptown Exceptional enlisted Bruno Mars for a piece of funk the world will always remember. Nobody on the planet questions hitmaker Mark Ronson!

PSY – Gangnam Style – 4.4 billion views

A straight-up viral hit that broke global, phonetic, and cultural flags, Gangnam Style from PSY was immediately quite possibly the most popular melody on the planet when it hit the web in 2012.

El Chombo – Dame Tu Cosita feat. Cutty Ranks – 3.9 billion views

A viral tune whose earliest manifestation traces back to 1997, Dame Tu Cosita has a storied history. The most viewed video version came after Ultra Music signed a circulation manager El Chombo and rereleased an extended version of the melody in 2018.

From that point forward, this little tomfoolery bop and, maybe more critically, its funky outsider mascot have clocked almost 4 billion views on Youtube.

Maroon 5 – Sugar – 3.7 billion views

Maroon 5 has a score of hits to their name, yet none greater than Sugar. As of 2021, it has claimed north of three billion views on Youtube, making it perhaps the most popular melody at any point dropped on the stage.

Justin Bieber – Sorry – 3.5 billion views

Well, he didn’t make it in for his version of Despacito, yet at simply over 3.3 billion views, Sorry from high schooler pop sensation Justin Bieber is as yet quite possibly the most popular tune on the planet.

Katy Perry – Roar – 3.6 billion views

In an industry dominated by male specialists since, well, perpetually, enormous props to Katy Perry for making a spot on this rundown. Her 2013 hit Roar is greater than whatever else she’s released – Teen Dream, California Young ladies, and even Last Friday Night.

OneRepublic – Counting Stars – 3.6 billion views

While many would know OneRepublic for their Timbaland-endorsed hit Apologize, Counting Stars cleared the Youtube period.

Ed Sheeran – Thinking Out Loud – 3.4 billion views

That’s right, one more banger from Ed Sheeran! Since its release in 2014, the endearing music video for this famous love number, Thinking out Loud, has generated an incredible 3.4 billion views and has surely been played at similar to numerous weddings across the globe.

Taylor Swift’s – You Belong With Me – 1.3 billion views

Each Swiftie knows this one inside and out! The realistic music cut for this 2008 hit by Taylor Swift portrays the horrendously relatable situation of a young high school lady whose person closest companion can’t see how ridiculously splendid she is! Go on an outing down memory late and return to this banger below.

Remember, numbers aren’t all that matters!

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