Joel Dommett in the off-kilter comment as BBC Rigorously Come Moving stars leave NTA stage

Joel Dommett in the comment as BBC Come Moving stars leave stage

National Television Awards have Joel Dommett left fans at home watching the awards slam wheezing after an abnormal second when BBC Rigorously Come Moving won the previous evening. Rigorously won the penultimate gong of the evening.

Glitterball Trophy holders Giovanni Pernice and Rose Ayling Ellis took to the NTA stage to acknowledge the Best Ability Show gong. ITV The Concealed Artist star Joel, who is likewise a large group of ITV The Covered Vocalist, then, at that point, made that big appearance to finish off the night and present the last honour.

It took some time for Rose and Giovanni to leave the stage, having acknowledged the honour. As he got back to the stage, Joel then, at that point, had watchers rewinding with a decision comment.

He seemed to say on his mic: “This is off-kilter. Didn’t practice where I’d come in.” Yet after the mutter, which Joel maybe didn’t understand was broadcasting, he returned to a stronger voice.

He broadcasted to the watching audience at the field in London: “Great folks, all around good. The prop fellow got a say thanks to what I like!” The National Television Awards saw wins for Subterranean insect and Dec and ITV Today the previous evening.

King Charles shocked ITV Emmerdale with a message using a video connection after the cleanser’s success, and there was a success for Kate Garraway before Sir Lenny Henry gained an Extraordinary Appreciation gong. All around good, Sir Len!

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