ITV Coronation Street fans concur as pregnant actress attempts to conceal her bump

ITV Coronation Street fans concur as pregnant actress

Fans of Coronation Street have concurred about how the cleanser has dealt with one actress’ pregnancy.

Shona Platt actress Julia Goulding declared the upbeat news that she’s expecting her second youngster on the honorary pathway at The English Cleanser Grants in June. From that point forward, the ITV cleanser has been tracking down imaginative ways of attempting and conceal her developing child bump, as her on-screen character isn’t anticipating.

From utilizing props, for example, washing containers and covers to conceal Julia’s developing gut, cleanser managers have been making an honest effort to disguise the pregnancy. Notwithstanding, it appears that highly observant watchers are as yet seeing and are submitting a similar question.

Taking to Twitter, fans have addressing will occur with the person’s storyline to assist with making sense of the bump as it isn’t being “covered up quite well”. Von said: “Blimey! They don’t attempt to conceal actress pregnancies or anything else on #Corrie.”

Julie said: “Shona’s child bump is obvious now, and they are not concealing it well. I can’t help thinking about how they will work her out while she off has the child? #Corrie.”

A third said: “Shona – most terrible secret child bump of all time! #Corrie.” In the meantime, another client said: “Are you corrie, in any event, attempting to conceal Shona’s bump??? Need more props #Corrie”

Addressing alright! On the honorary pathway, Julia, 37, said it has been “hard” to stay quiet about her pregnancy. She said: “It’s been tough to stay quiet, and they’ve recovered my maternity garments from quite a while back, so it’s all frameworks go once more.”

“It’s up to the chief or outfit division to kind of attempt to disguise it as a piece. I’m not as large and accustomed to being significantly greater when I had Franklin.”

The actress invited her first-conceived child Franklin Wolf Silver in November 2019 with her significant other, Ben Silver.

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