Neeva Launches in Europe to Opponent Google Search With Following Free, Ad-Free Search

Neeva Launches in Europe to Opponent Google Search

LONDON- Search engine Neeva has sent off in Europe to equal Google by giving web clients actual search results, no following, and no advertisements or member joins.

Neeva puts clients first and gives buyers control to tweak their web search encounters. By shunning ads and advertisers, Neeva disposes of corporate inclination that torments traditional search insight. Instead, Neeva’s only objective is to make a search engine that conveys the best outcomes as fast as expected. Neeva conveys legit results and engages clients to choose their data sources, for example, media sources, shopping, computer programming locales, travel and others because of individual inclination and importance, as opposed to what advertisers propose, all while regarding clients’ security by obstructing outsider following and never benefitting off of client information.

Neeva’s European development follows a fruitful 2021 $40mm Series B subsidizing round. Established by Sridhar Ramaswamy (ex-SVP of Ads at Google) and Vivek Raghunathan (ex-VP of Adaptation at YouTube), Neeva is reevaluating web search for good, testing Google’s web-search predominance.

Remarking on Neeva’s send-off, President Sridhar Ramaswamy said: “Neeva is a client first stage zeroed in on private, straightforward searches versus a search engine serving advertisers. The web should be your private corner of the web instead of a flood of ads, Web optimization spam and insignificant data. We’re rethinking search by giving clients command over sources; giving exact and straightforward outcomes as well as private and tweaked encounters without the impact of corporate inclination, followed around the web.”

Neeva offers a freemium model and will initially send off its private, ad-free fundamental help in Europe, later presenting its superior membership model with additional elements like a VPN and secret key supervisor. Neeva works its autonomous search stack, returning lightning-quick outcomes with high degrees of exactness, drawing from a file of billions of website pages. In addition, Neeva empowers clients to associate individual applications like email, Dropbox, Slack, Figma and others, making it simple to search across the main individual reports while keeping up with stringent protection controls.

“Google has ruled the search engine market, keeping up with north of 90% market share. Neeva will challenge this matchless quality by doing a superior search and peruse experience that delights clients,” says Mr Ramaswamy. He added: “Clients ought to be in charge of their search and web experience instead of tolerating one organization concluding the data they see. The ad-upheld web has made unfathomably skewed impetuses that have made Huge Innovation syndications and advertisers more extravagant while taking advantage of clients’ protection and individual information. It’s the ideal opportunity for another way to deal with the search that puts individuals first.”

Until now, search options in contrast to Large Tech have, for the most part, offered more grounded protection, however, to the detriment of decreased search quality. Neeva is remarkable in building its autonomous search stack (creeping, ordering and serving at scale) without ads, freeing it to plan client first elements with the sole focal point of giving the ideal outcomes most proficiently, all with the solid security one ought to expect and request from the present web insight.

Neeva is developing quick, acquiring more than 600,000 month-to-month clients since sending it off to the USA in 2021. Financial backers incorporate Sequoia Capital, Greylock Adventures, Inovia Capital, and Neythri Fates Asset. The organization has raised more than $80m from its financial backers.

About Neeva

Neeva is the world’s most memorable client-first private search engine. Neeva returns to search for its underlying foundations by zeroing in all together on the client, conveying excellent outcomes with next to no ads, giving clients command over their sources, and safeguarding client security by hindering trackers. Neeva’s free search stack offers rich visual encounters, coordinates local area gathering content, and searches over private applications. Find out more and begin searching today at

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