Iga Swiatek shares contemplations on Fiona Ferro blaming ex-mentor for assault

Iga Swiatek shares contemplations on Fiona Ferro blaming ex-mentor for assault

Iga Swiatek has communicated sympathy for Fiona Ferro after the French tennis player documented charges against her ex-mentor Pierre Bouteyre over assault and se*ual attack. As per Ferro, the unseemly activities were in the range between 2012 and 2015, when she was 15 to 18.

“Truly, I’ve never had what was happening like that, so it’s difficult for me to try and ponder how it should feel,” Swiatek said. “Not something it’s consistently apparent. Please accept my apologies that it happened to Fiona.

Truly, my background isn’t huge to such an extent that I can truly say a great deal regarding that. I wouldn’t know how it feels. That’s what I trust; assuming something to that effect occurs, we will be protected and trust in the WTA that they will deal with this stuff appropriately.

I’m certain they’re doing that.”

Swiatek offers sympathy for Ferro
After French media unveiled Ferro’s claims, Bouteyre’s attorney said his client wasn’t rejecting that there were se*ual acts, but they were consensual.

Ferro then made an announcement, in which she clarified that she never agreed to seual acts with her ex-mentor. “I observe Pierre Bouteyre’s situation on my allegation of demonstrations of assault and seual attack by an individual in power.

I affirm that I didn’t approve and that the assaults and se*ual attacks were committed by moral requirement as per article 222-24 of the Penal Code,” Ferro said in an explanation. “I place all my confidence in the justice system of my nation and affirm that I would rather not make some other statement on the criminal investigation method.”

Previously, Bouteyre additionally worked with Alize Cornet. After Cornet found out about Ferro’s claims, she contacted an individual French player and offered her help.

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