Adele Reveals Her 9-Year-Old Son Angelo Is ‘Obsessed’ With Billie Eilish

Adele Reveals Her 9-Year-Old Son Angelo Is 'Obsessed' With Billie Eilish

Obsessed! In another meeting for her main story with ELLE, Adele, 34, shared that her son Angelo, 9 loves the vocalist Billie Eilish, 20. She let the power source know that her son is, as a matter of fact, “obsessed” with the vocalist, and she even took him to one of her shows. The mother and son team hit up to see Billie in the June show at London’s The O2 Arena.

“He’ll go up to [his room] after school and read every one of the verses, and afterwards, he’ll need to examine them,” she told the power source of her son. It appears Angelo is paying attention to a greater amount of Billie’s music than that of his momma’s. You’re excessively cool for us, Angelo! During the elite meeting with ELLE, Adele likewise dropped a bomb about her viewpoints on having more children.

“I most certainly need more children,” she said. “I’m a homemaker, a matron, and a steady life assists me with my music. Yet, at present, all I have in my mind is Vegas,” she added. “I want to f**king nail it.” Adele is set to have a Las Vegas residency at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace for her Weekends with Adele residency. While her collection was delivered almost a year prior, in November 2021, she is set to make that big appearance in Vegas in the not-so-distant future on November 18.

The “Simple On Me” artist had her son when she was with her ex Simon Konecki, 48. While the ex-couple got together in 2011, they didn’t get hitched until seven years after the fact, in 2018. Angelo was brought into the world in 2012, only one year after the previous couple is said to have begun their sentiment.

Adele and Simon tapped out after only three years of marriage in 2021; however, they were together for a very long time. The pair authoritatively split in 2019, as per the power source, and the aftermath of the drawn-out relationship was severe on the Grammy champ. “It was horrendous,” she told ELLE. “I was zooming around this house like a f**king wasp.”

Even though Adele’s separation was hard on her, she, fortunately, shifts focus over to more splendid days and has found love once more. She has been with sports specialist Rich Paul, 40, for a year. “I’ve never been enamoured this way. I’m obsessed with him,” she said of her new man.

We’re glad to see Adele saying “Hi” to another existence of adoration with her sweetheart and her Billie Eilish-cherishing son Angelo.

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