Jade Goody’s child Bobby Brazier lands ‘tumultuous’ BBC EastEnders job

Jade Goodys child Bobby Brazier lands tumultuous BBC EastEnders job

Jade Goody’s child Bobby Brazier is joining EastEnders in his acting presentation. The 19-year-old will play Freddie Slater, child of Maureen “Little Mo” Slater, and is now recording scenes planned to air this late spring.

The personality of Freddie was most recently seen in Walford in May 2006 when he and his mom left to begin another life. He is returning to Albert Square, matured 18, and ends up on a path that could prompt heartbreak.

Older sibling star Goody, who kicked the bucket in 2009 and matured 27 in the wake of being determined to have the cervical disease, had Bobby and his sibling Freddy, presently 17, with individual unscripted television star Jeff Brazier. She loved EastEnders and, in 2006, supposedly requested two of its stars to converse with their supervisors about getting her a job during an opportunity meeting at V Festival.

Bobby Brazier said: “I’m truly eager to join the cast of EastEnders – that far’s been awesome. Everyone has been lovely to me and made getting comfortable simpler than I might have trusted.

“Venturing into the acting scene has forever been a dream of mine, and doing that with EastEnders as a Slater is a gift; I’m extremely thankful. Adoring each moment of Freddie up to this point and can hardly stand by to see what the future holds for him in Walford.”

Portraying his personality, show managers said: “A firecracker and a difficult situation, Freddie Slater shows some care of gold yet can’t resist the urge to find himself mixed up with mischief.

“While he’s sweet, similar to his mum, he positively isn’t modest and figures out how to create a scene any place he goes – yet would he say he is a genuine Slater on a basic level?”

Chris Clenshaw, EastEnders’ chief maker, said: “Freddie Slater is a turbulent 18-year-old with a bleeding heart. A current fellow who’s in contact with his profound side. He’s philosophical, tolerating, yet brimming with wickedness and commits errors.

“Bobby is an astonishing youthful expansion toward the EastEnders cast who carries heart and modesty to the job of Freddie Slater, and I can hardly trust that crowds will get to know him.”

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