The Beatles’ Ringo Starr is ‘certain Boris Johnson will secure another position

The Beatles Ringo Starr is certain Boris Johnson will get new job

The Beatles’ Sir Ringo Starr says he is “certain Boris Johnson will land another position” following the Prime Minister’s emotional renunciation.

Talking at an occasion in Los Angeles denoting his 82nd birthday, the previous Beatles drummer said he wouldn’t express an itemized feeling on Mr Johnson or the UK’s political circumstance but hoped everything would work out for him.

When he got some information about the prime minister’s choice to step down, he said: “I’m not expressing anything about Boris Johnson.

“God favours him, and I’m certain he’ll land another position.”

The performer uncovered that weapon viciousness and contempt “in any country” all over the planet “got him down”.

“We’re here to (spread harmony and love)… and I can do this,” he said as he offered his brand name harmony hint.

“I can’t drive anybody to go ‘harmony and love’ however it’s getting on.”

It comes as Johnson ventured down from the top work, however, not before conveying a main side at the “offbeat” choice by Cabinet partners and MPs to drive him out.

The Prime Minister says he means to stay in office until his replacement is chosen in a cycle that could require months, provoking a reaction from senior party figures and political rivals over his endeavour to “grip on” in No 10 until the harvest time.

Guard Secretary and Lancashire MP Ben Wallace is the #1 to become Prime Minister.

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