UK weather forecast: Glastonbury revellers cautioned of downpour and roar after the blistering spell

Glastonbury revellers cautioned of downpour roar after the blistering spell

The UK will partake in a midweek heatwave, yet Glastonbury could be a sloppy undertaking after the Met Office cautioned celebration participants to “pack their wellies”.

Wednesday is set for highs of 28C to 29C, and as per Met Office meteorologist Alex Burkill, the heatwave stopped on Thursday when stormy showers cleared across England.

Many individuals are advancing toward the Glastonbury celebration in Somerset, where Diana Ross, Kendrick Lamarr and Fleetwood Mac are among the title acts, amid disturbance brought about by the current week’s rail strikes.

Transport disturbance isn’t the main terrible information for those making a beeline for Worthy Farm, with Mr Burkill saying: “So I thoroughly consider Thursday, we will see a few strong showers pushing up from the south.

“So especially later in the day, many pieces of England could see some weighty, maybe even stormy, showers.

“Then, at that point, further showery downpour, weighty, maybe even roar now and again as we go through Friday, Saturday and particularly Sunday.”

He said that Sunday was the wettest day for the following couple of days.

He added: “So right now, Sunday may be the wettest day to come for the next couple of days.

“Yet, that being said, there will, in any case, be some showery downpour around beginning later on Thursday, however proceeding with the whole way through Friday and into the end of the week.”

Sadly for celebration participants, he said Glastonbury wouldn’t get away from the wet weather.

“They will have a fine, hot day (on Wednesday), maybe excessively hot for some, with a lot of daylight, and afterwards, from there on, it turns out to be more inconsistent,” he said.

“So there’s the hazard of weighty showers on Thursday, especially later. And afterwards, the gamble of a couple of showers as we go through Friday and Saturday, however heavier showers on Sunday.”

He encouraged participants to pack for both searing sweltering weather and downpour.

He said: “They’ll require caps, sunscreen, and a lot of water to manage the hot, bright spells, especially on Wednesday.

“And afterwards, from there on, they’ll require their wellies since conditions will take somewhat of a wetter turn.”

Most regions are fine and dry today


Another fine, dry day with a lot of daylight for most regions, conditions likewise somewhat more sultry than yesterday. Cloudier for parts of the far north and northwest of Scotland were occasionally a little downpour.

This evening:

After a fine night, most locales will have a dry night with clear skies. Cloudier in the extremely far north with some sketchy downpour. Hotter than the previous evening.


Fine and dry for some areas again tomorrow, many parts more sweltering than today too. However, the hazard of showers or storms influences portions of England and Wales.

Viewpoint for Friday to Sunday :

Showers, locally weighty and stormy, moving upper east through Friday. Turning out to be broadly agitated, cooler and windy from Saturday with weighty showers in the west. Hottest in the upper east.

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