‘You’re my legend,’ Ben Stiller tells Zelensky in Kyiv

You're my legend Ben Stiller tells Zelensky in Kyiv

Hollywood celebrity Ben Stiller met Volodymyr Zelensky in Kyiv on Monday, hailing the joke artist turned-president as “my legend” for energizing the world’s help for Ukraine even with Russia’s attack.

“It’s a significant privilege for me… you’re not kidding!” said Stiller, a United Nations generosity minister who met the Ukrainian chief on World Refugee Day.

“What you’ve done, the way that you’ve revitalized the country, the world, it’s truly moving,” said the 56-year-old American humorist alluding to Zelensky’s numerous talks to crowds all over the planet to mobilize support for his beset country.

Zelensky’s office delivered the film of their gathering.

Before Monday, Stiller visited the Kyiv suburb of Irpin, the location of wild fights right off the bat in the attack. The nearest Moscow’s military got to the capital since it sent troops into Ukraine in February.

“I feel it’s difficult to figure out what’s happening here on the off chance that you haven’t been here,” he told Zelensky.

“I was in Irpin earlier today… and the real degree of annihilation, you see it on TV, you see it via virtual entertainment; however, it’s another thing to see it, believe it and afterwards converse with individuals,” he said.

Talking in English, Zelensky thanked Stiller for coming and letting him know it was “vital” for him to continue reminding individuals what was happening in Ukraine.

“It’s vital as far as we’re concerned that individuals remember. It’s not fascinating to talk about the conflict consistently… yet for us, it’s vital,” the Ukrainian chief told him.

The pair additionally recognized their common interest as parody entertainers.

“You quit an extraordinary acting profession,” said Stiller, who is most famous for his parody jobs in “Meet the Parents” and the “Night at the Museum” films, in a sign of approval for Zelensky’s previous vocation as a satire entertainer.

“Not so extraordinary as yours,” Zelensky answered, both chuckling.

Before being chosen in 2019, Zelensky was most famous for his part in “Worker of the People,” a parody in which he played a secondary teacher who, out of the blue, turns into Ukraine’s leader.

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