Cow Milk versus Buffalo Milk: Which is Better For Your Child?

Cow Milk versus Buffalo Milk

Milk is a beverage viewed as a total food as it contains all fundamental components your body needs. It is high in calcium, protein, carbs, nutrients, minerals, and fat and thus gives various medical advantages. It’s calcium and vitamin D substance which helps in the general body improvement of children. Milk arrives in various structures, with cow and buffalo milk being the most widely recognized. As a mother, you’re continually under the gun to realize which milk is best for your youngster.

Cow Milk versus Buffalo Milk:

Cow milk contains less fat than buffalo milk, making it lighter and more effectively edible. Cow milk is thicker and creamier than buffalo milk. Accordingly, weighty food varieties like curd, paneer, kheer, kulfi, and ghee are made with it. Rasgulla, Sandesh, and ras malai are chenna for desserts made with cow milk.

Buffalo milk contains approximately 11% more protein than cow milk. Proteins, similar to lipids, are challenging for infants to process. This is another motivation behind why cow milk is ideal for your kid. When contrasted with buffalo milk, cow milk has a lower fat substance. Cow milk has a slight consistency along these lines. Buffalo milk, then again, has more fat and a thicker consistency. Cow milk has a fat substance of 3-4 per cent, while buffalo milk has a fat substance of 7-8 per cent. Thus, cow milk is liked over buffalo milk for newborn children younger than one, as the last option takes more time to retain and process.

How much milk should your youngster have in a day?

Try not to offer your youngster multiple cups of cow milk consistently. She will be unable to eat different things as your child genuinely must finish their eating routine.

Which milk is better?

Regarding whether cow milk or buffalo milk is better for youngsters, cow milk is a superior spot to begin since buffalo milk is high in fat and extreme to process. Buffalo milk might be picked because it has more fat, protein, calcium, and calories than cow milk, making it more nutritious. It might be that it may be hard for children to process. Cow milk is all the more effectively absorbable and keeps the kid hydrated.

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