Britney Spears’ ex crashes her wedding with Sam Asghari

Britney Spears' ex crashes her wedding with Sam Asghari

Specialists say that Britney Spears’ ex was captured while crashing her wedding site in southern California.

Commander Cameron Henderson of Ventura province sheriff’s office said officials answered an intruding call after 2 pm on Thursday. He said the pop artist’s most memorable spouse, Jason Alexander, was kept at the site of the function.

Henderson said that Alexander was captured after officials saw he had a warrant for his capture in another district.

Before Thursday, Alexander broadcast a live video from his Instagram account as he moved toward the occasion security. Strolling around what gave off an impression of being a, for the most part, void, however, beautified house and gardens, he told them over and over Spears had welcomed him.

“She’s my most memorable spouse, my main wife,” said Alexander, who was momentarily hitched to Spears – his lifelong companion – in 2004. Their marriage endured just 55 hours.

“I’m her most memorable spouse,” he went on in the video. “I’m here to crash the wedding.”

Assortment announced that agents were all the while researching what had happened and would decide whether extra charges would be carried against Alexander according to the intruding claim.

Spears was already additionally wedded for quite a long time to artist Kevin Federline, with whom she shares two children, matured 14 and 15.

Spears and her life partner Sam Asghari were expected to wed on Thursday. The couple met on the arrangement of a music video in 2016. They reported their commitment to September last year, in no time before Spears won a fight in court with her family and was liberated from a 13-year conservatorship in November.

A delegate for Spears didn’t promptly return a solicitation for input.

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