Jimmy Page uncovers Led Zeppelin was approached to do an Abba-style avatar show

Jimmy Page uncovers Led Zeppelin was approached to do an Abba avatar show

Led Zeppelin was drawn nearer by arranging an Abba Voyage-style virtual performance experience yet couldn’t decide whether to reach out.

Talking at the Hay Festival of Literature and Arts in Wales, Jimmy Page says that Zeppelin had been in conversation to do “something like that” well before the possibility of Abba’s tremendously acclaimed show was revealed, however, as per a report in The Guardian, he concedes that he and the band’s two enduring individuals, Robert Plant and John Paul Jones couldn’t settle on whether or not to toss their weight behind the idea, so the undertaking “didn’t get going.”

Portrayed as “stunning” by The Times and “stunning” by The Guardian, the Abba Voyage experience opened on May 27 and is set to go through to October 2 at the reason fabricated Abba Arena in East London.

News that Zeppelin’s individuals disagreed on a comparative style of creation will come as little shock to devotees of the band, given the failure of musicians to settle on, especially for as long as a decade or two.

Talking as of late to Classic Rock for the magazine’s 300th issue, Page said that he’s now “dealing with different ways and courses of ventures” yet demanded, “I won’t express out loud whatever the undertakings are.”

“There are different things I’m progressing toward,” the guitarist said. “It’s not only a certain something, but it’s also different, and I would rather not even give a clue since, supposing you do… You give a one-sentence short clip, and afterwards, on the off chance it doesn’t emerge, it’s like: “For what reason didn’t you do an independent collection?” So I would rather not express out loud whatever I have arranged because I would rather not allow individuals the opportunity to confuse it.”

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