The Wanted’s Max George says he still texts Tom Parker as he struggles to process loss

Max George says he still texts Tom Parker as he struggles to process loss

The Wanted star Max George has said that he still “incidentally” texts late bandmate Tom Parker as he “processes” his loss to malignant growth.

The 33-year-old singer passed on recently surrounded by his family and bandmates, 17 months after being diagnosed with an inoperable mind cancer.

George honoured Tom on Tuesday’s This Morning as he discussed the tell-all journal the singer wrote in his last 12 months and set to be released in July, giving an insight into his life.

Tom uncovered he was currently composing a tell-all journal amid his fight with mind disease multi-week before his demise.

He said that the book, called Hope, wouldn’t be tied in with ‘kicking the bucket’ yet about ‘living’ and ‘finding trust’ regardless of anything else situation you are in.

While discussing the book and his story, George let it out has felt surreal advancing the journal without Tom close by on the ITV sofa.

He told hosts Dermot O’Leary and Alison Hammond: “I still believe I’m attempting to process it.”

He proceeded: “I still text him. Assuming that I get stuff like pictures that fans have made with him in it or they send a decent message to do with Tom, I’ll Whatsapp it to him still.

“I believe I’m just tracking down solace in that. The worst thing is the point at which I do it coincidentally. Sometimes you go to the text, like, ‘God help us.”

Alison then conceded she did likewise when her late mum passed on, saying: “I used to do that with my mum. I was still messaging her or calling her to tell her something and understand she was no longer here. It’s so odd.”

Dermote answered: “Whatever gets you through. It’s all child steps. You require every day as it comes.

“I believe it’s a seriously normal thing that the waves crash over you; they still crash over you, yet as time goes, they crash over you less and less.”

Directly following Tom’s passing, Max hailed his late bandmate as a “lion” and praised his “boldness and poise” directly following his malignant growth diagnosis.

Offering recognition interestingly since Tom’s demise, he shared a series of photos on Instagram showing them embracing and embracing.

He stated: “Tom, my sibling, my kid, my bandmate, my best bud.. You illuminated so many lives worldwide; however, I can speak for my benefit of mine.

“From the moment I met you, I realized this planned to be a special section in my life. I was correct.

“We did everything together, some astounding things, some outrageous things. I’m so pleased with what we accomplished as bandmates and brothers.”

“Much obliged to you for choosing me as your companion. It was a distinction from the very beginning. I’m so appreciative I was with you until the end.”

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