Dune: Spice Wars roadmap incorporates both co-op and PvP multiplayer

Dune Spice Wars roadmap incorporates both co-op and PvP multiplayer

One month prior, Dune: Spice Wars dropped onto PC in its Early Access state, and the jump start turned out rather well. Developer Shiro Games has raised the positive criticism that the game got, and it tried to say thanks to them for it. Usually, this criticism appears to have given the developers an additional inspiration to seek after their roadmap for Dune: Spice Wars, which they uncovered yesterday utilizing Steam. This roadmap uncovers a few possibly thrilling new highlights that will be added to Dune: Spice Wars in the coming months, including multiplayer usefulness and another group.

Multiplayer will, without a doubt, stand out as the main expansion to many fans, and it will come as both a co-op include and a wide-open PvP mode that helps up to four players each. The developers have marked these multiplayer modes as their fundamental need, and they intend to deliver them at some point this late spring.

That is not all, of course

Concerning the remainder of the roadmap, a brand new, anonymous group will come after the multiplayer, with the delivery window likewise scheduled for mid-year. From that point forward, the game will get the “Air and Sand” update, which will carry out “new units and strategic components” and the expansion of councillors as controllable units. As of this moment, the developers have not shown a delivery window for both of these two updates, so players should stand by somewhat something else for that data.

These augmentations, especially the multiplayer modes, will certainly leave Dune fans: Spice Wars anxiously anticipating more declarations and more concrete delivery dates. Meanwhile, however, players can partake in the main authority update that dropped toward the start of this current week. The people who need to learn more can investigate the fix notes on Steam.

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