Irish Eurovision celebrity Brooke Scullion on vocal rest in front of semi-finals

Irish Eurovision celebrity Brooke Scullion on vocal rest in semi-finals

Ireland’s Brooke Scullion is remaining quiet in a bid to safeguard her voice for Eurovision.

The Derry girl told RTE’s Ray D’Arcy she was fortunate she could chat on the radio by any stretch of the imagination, as she should be on vocal rest in front of the semi-finals on Thursday.

Brooke relaxes her voice so she won’t push it before the display in Turin.

Also, she hauls around a whiteboard to speak with individuals recorded as a hard copy.

Brooke, 23, said individuals truly focus on you when you don’t talk a lot.

“They listen significantly more eagerly. They hold tight all your words,” she kidded.

She’s following different tips to keep her voice in top condition, which incorporates no whispering and trying not to hydrate.

“Whispering is extremely terrible for your voice And you’re not permitted to hydrate – just warm.”

She reminded Ray she’s not just a Derry Girl – she once played a part as an extra in the hit series.

“I was in season two of Derry Girls,” she said.

“I had one line: ‘Protestants love cleaning.’ It was one line more than the vast majority had!”

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