On Victory Day, President Putin Says Russia is Defending ‘Motherland’ In Ukraine

President Putin Says Russia is Defending Motherland In Ukraine

President Vladimir Putin on Monday said Russian troops were defending its “motherland” in Ukraine from a “totally unsatisfactory danger”. Talking on the event of Russia’s Victory Day in Moscow’s Red Square, Putin said the battle in Ukraine was “vital to do everything, so the repulsiveness of a worldwide conflict doesn’t repeat”, news organization AFP detailed.

Putin drew matches between the Red Army’s battling against Nazi troops and the Russian powers’ activity in Ukraine while talking at the military procession denoting the World War II triumph over the Nazis. He said that the mission in Ukraine was a convenient and essential move to avert possible hostility.

Putin added that the Russian troops were battling for the country’s security in Ukraine and noticed a moment of quiet to respect the troops who fell in battle.

The Kremlin wouldn’t allude to the battle in Ukraine as a “battle,” instead of considering it a “special military operation”.

After a bombed endeavour to storm Kyiv and other enormous urban communities in Ukraine’s north in the beginning phases of the conflict, the Kremlin has moved its concentration toward the modern eastern heartland known as the Donbas, where Moscow-upheld rebels have been battling Ukrainian government powers starting around 2014. That contention emitted a long time after Russia added Ukraine’s the Crimean Peninsula.

The Russian military has rearmed and resupplied its powers removed from Kyiv and moved them to Donbas in an attempt to surround and obliterate the fittest and prepare Ukrainian troops.

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