Dave Chappelle went after in front of an audience during a stand-up Netflix show at the Hollywood Bowl in LA

Dave Chappelle went after in front of an audience during a Netflix show

Professional comic Dave Chappelle has been gone after by an individual stage at the Hollywood Bowl in LA.

“A man charged and handled” Chappelle similarly as the show was finishing, as indicated by Brianna Sacks, a journalist at the show.

She said security “hurried and began punching and kicking the s*** out of Chappelle’s aggressor”.

In a clasp from the crowd shared via virtual entertainment, Chappelle seemed to joke: “It was a trans man”.

Some have criticized the comedian for his kids about the trans-local area, and there was a backfire last year against his Netflix special.

Video via virtual entertainment seemed to show the assailant being stacked onto a rescue vehicle with a gravely harmed arm.

Individual professional comic Chris Rock – who was slapped by Will Smith at the Oscars – additionally performed at the show.

“After Chappelle got gone after, he came in front of an audience and they kidded that it was Will Smith,” tweeted Brianna Sacks.

Chappelle also talked about requiring greater security after his trans jokes contention and the Chris Rock occurrence, as indicated by individuals in the crowd.

UK comedian Jimmy Carr likewise seemed to have been at the Hollywood Bowl and tweeted an image of himself with Chappelle.

“Simply cheerful everybody’s alright,” he tweeted.

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