On the twentieth commemoration, Christina Aguilera drops the new music video for the famous hit ‘Beautiful’ (VIDEO)

Christina Aguilera drops the new music video for the famous Beautiful

KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 21 — 1990’s pop sovereign Christina Aguilera has reinvigorated her notable 2002 hit tune Beautiful in the wake of delivering a new music video for the track.

The new music video delivered yesterday was related to the twentieth-year commemoration of her fourth collection, Stripped, to honour World Emotional well-being Day.

The music video adheres to the melody’s fundamental message of self-acknowledgement, but this time, the message is centred around kids and social media.

In the new music video, a gathering of kids can’t escape social media and how this influences their emotional wellness and self-esteem.

From self-perception issues and substance maltreatment to reliance on cosmetics to feel beautiful, the new form of Beautiful recounts how youngsters adapt to the tension that accompanies social media use.

“‘We are Beautiful, regardless of what they say. A message I will continuously hold on to and a message I focus on to impart in my kids through each part of their lives!” Aguilera composed on her Instagram.

“Today, it’s more complicated than at any other time to hear our voice among so many others penetrating our feeds and brains with blended informing, eventually driving us to block out our reality and self-esteem.

“The first Beautiful video set off on a mission to bring mindfulness and a feeling of empathy despite judgment, analysis and outside sentiments.

“It conveys a significant message to recollect our fundamental beliefs beyond what’s being taken care of to us, to discover a feeling of equilibrium and tolerating ourselves for what our identity is,” Aguilera added.

The first music video featured people engaging in bigotry, homophobia, dietary issues, and body dysmorphia.

“Much obliged to all the fantastic people who partook in rejuvenating this new Beautiful video.

This tune implies a massive amount to me, and I profoundly value everybody’s strength, valiance and boldness in defending an option that could be greater than ourselves! I’m respected, and I love all of you,” she posted on her Instagram.

Aguilera incorporated a source of inspiration message toward the end of the video, bringing issues to light on what social media has meant for the existence of kids.

“Over the most recent 20 years, since Stripped was first delivered, social media has changed our relationship with our bodies and, like this, our psychological wellness.

“Research recommends that time spent on social networking sites is related to self-perception issues, self-hurt and disarranged eating in kids and adolescents. This necessity to transform,” she said.

Since its delivery yesterday, the new music video has gathered more than 600,000 perspectives on YouTube and amassed north of 40,000 preferences.

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